Why Salt Shakers?

For those who wonder, i have several reasons for calling readers of my devotions, The Salt Shakers.  For one, the name comes from Jesus during the Sermon of the Mount, telling us we are the salt of the earth (Matt. 5:13) - salt that preserves His Word and makes Him desirable to others. 

Also, I had read and liked what the footnote of my NIV Bible for Leviticus 2:13  says... "offerings were seasoned with salt as a reminder of the people's covenant with God.  Salt is a good symbol of God's activity in a person's life, because it penetrates, preserves, and aids in healing.  God want to be active in your life.  Let Him become part of you, penetrating every aspect of your life, preserving you from the evil all around, and healing you of your sins and shortcomings."

Therefore, as salt we need to shake/spread His message and love to all others.  Let's shake my sisters and brothers! And let others taste and see the LORD is good!

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