Friday, August 12, 2016

what will they remember?

Jesus said...

"... feed My lambs." John 21:15
Sweat is dripping, eyes are glazed, words are few and the clock is ticking.  Teachers are frantically putting their rooms together before Monday.  Burden with the lingering construction at our school, some smiles are hidden under rocks.  But for you, i have Good News!

The students will eagerly arrive Monday morning, and they will not leave disappointed. Instead they will return home filled with excitement and joy.  But it won't be because of your cute name tags or folders, nor your creative bulletin boards,  nor your enticing centers.  It will be because of your smile, your words, your hugs, your dreams for the year, your acceptance of them, your excitement over them belonging to you. This is what they will remember.

So, in your final hours, my friends, before the sun breaks on Monday morning, don't stress over what you haven't finished, but instead feel thrilled about what is about to begin! 

SMILE!  It will all be just fine. YOU are the most important part of your room.

friend, we are loved and chosen by God,

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