Tuesday, December 6, 2016

caution! robberies in progress

"What has happened to all your joy?..." Galatains 4:15

There is a thief lurching outside your door, wanting to rob you.  How do I know?  Because I have already had a nasty battle with him. 

Practically chewed up and swallowed by a monster storm of dismay, disappointment, and despair, it was a close call. Lost values, sickness, accidents, careless decisions and other issues threaten to dismantle and shred the JOY and HOPE of CHRISTmas. 
Then it hit me, like ice water in the face... WAKE UP.  Satan, the great deceiver, was singing with delight.  He was out to steal my joy, and doing a great job of it. Tossing out stumbling blocks, he had me tripping over them left and right.

But back off! I'm reclaiming my joy.  You will NOT defeat me during this glorious CHRISTmas season.  I can't control the circumstances around me, but i can control how they affect me.  If the disciples could withstand jailing, beatings, persecution and crucifixion and keep their joy, surely i can rise above my woes and aches to remain joyful in Him.  So, let's slam that back door to defeat and throw open the front door to celebration.  

Father, to You be the glory today and forever more! Your immense love for us is reason enough to be JOYous.  Thank You.

we are loved and chosen by God,

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