In the beginning...

In early September 2001, Connie Springs, Assistant Principal at Pine Street Elementary School instigated a new literacy initiative.  All faculty members were given the charge to start a writing journal.  The notebook given to each teacher, included the quote, “Learning to read and to write ought to be one of the most joyful and successful of human undertakings,” Don Holdaway, The Foundation of Literacy, 1979. 

Because of this project and after much thought and observation, i wrote on what i saw as a tremendous need... encouragement and positive motivation for teachers who face daily challenges to do what they love best, teaching.  As i shared with teachers what was in my notebook, they asked for copies.  Thus, the Salt Shakers evolved.

Initially, the devotions were e-mailed to a handful of co-workers at Pine Street requesting them. Now after 16 years, the email list has expanded beyond the Pine Street walls to include anyone asking to be added. The list has grown to about 400 recipients - statewide and beyond. After a writing conference in February, 2012, i was inspired to share the devotions by blogging and later created the Teacher Devotions page on Facebook.

In March, 2012, Dalene Parker’s book, “Christian Teachers in Public Schools:  13 Essentials for the Classroom” was released.  It is a clear and wonderful guide on how Christian teachers can legally impact their classroom.  At the conclusion of each chapter Dalene included a Salt Shaker devotions.  On September 3, 2012, Dalene and i were guests on “Your Carolina”, a local television show, to share information about the book and its contents.  On November, 13, 2012, we were guest speakers with Scott McCausey's online radio program, "Christian Devotions Speak UP!"  You can listen to our testimony and book talk with Scott on the link below: 

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