Tuesday, July 3, 2012

more power to you

"The tongue has the power of life and death..." Proverbs 18:21

It's astounding how much damage a storm can unleash in a matter of minutes, or even seconds.  Lost power, down telephone lines, down trees, blocked roads, blocked routines.  Storms can cause immediate damage with hopefully quick repairs to follow.  Unfortunately, some repairs turn into uncomfortable, painful longer ones.

A storming of the mouth can have similar results.  A slip or lashing of the tongue can spark horrific damage.  It too brings immediate pain to the person in it's path.  The damage might be repairable, permanent or deadly.

One storm is within our control and the other one isn't... right?  Lord, fill me with Your power and might to control my tongue.  I want to share Your ways with others -- providing the lasting, sweet taste of life with You.  Remove the bitterness from my tongue for a better word of kindness.

have a kind-filled day!

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