Friday, October 7, 2016

here's the point...

"I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint." Jeremiah 31:25

This has been a trying week for many. And like many of you i am mentally and physically whipped.  Several days i've been tempted to skip sharing a Word with you, but God who is faithful, even when we are not, carries on... if not through us, then others.

This week a bright-eyed student dashed in the library and stopped right in front of my face. Holding his treasured pencil high in the air, he beamed and said, "Look!!" I did and then asked him how he knew i'd like to see his pencil.
He said, "My teacher told me!"  I shot Ms. B a note of thanks for making my day. She shared the following note with me:

The little boys that brought our library books this morning were having the best conversation about that “Got God?” pencil this morning.  One said, “Do you see this cool pencil that my dad got me?  It has God’s name on it… you know God… the one who created us!”  The other little boy said, “Yeah, I know God… he created everything.  Everybody knows God, but some people don’t understand that he saved us…”

Sometimes it’s the little things you over hear that make your day!

Thank you, Mrs. B, for encouraging me and reminding to keep my eyes and ears open to the blessings around us.  And thank You, God, for refueling me and refreshing me through others.

So, here's the point... we don't have to do everything.  God will get done, what needs to be done.  His Will will be done, with or without us.

we are so loved and chosen and cared for by God,

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