Friday, November 13, 2015

remembering... i've a story to tell

"Praise the Lord. Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever." Psalm 106:1

With all the scurry of events this week, an important anniversary in my life nearly slipped by unnoticed.  Four years ago this week, i was diagnosed with a brain tumor. As God would have it, a friend recently sent me a note sharing the impact of my ordeal on her. I cried as i read it, recounting the faithfulness of a God, we sometimes dismiss as distant, uncaring or slack in answering our needs.  I cried remembering He has saved me not just once (on the cross) but numerous times.  I cried realizing God's ability to use all things to the good, whether for us or for friends and family or for complete strangers.  Along with the many special people i have honored this week, God is most deserving for the top spot in my heart. 

For those who don't know my story from 4 years ago, here are the highlights.

As God would have it, while walking my dogs, i took a nasty fall.  A trip to the emergency room confirmed i had a concussion, but also revealed i had a rare brain tumor.  As God would have it, the staff/physicians at both local hospitals admitted they were not the best choice for treatment. As God would have it, the Spartanburg neurosurgeon mentioned the name of a surgeon, Dr. Vandergrift, he deemed best qualified for my condition. As God would have it,  i was whisked to MUSC in Charleston for medical attention/surgery.  As God would have it, He placed me in the hands of the top neurosurgeon, Dr. Vandergrift, a godly, humble man. As God would have it, Dr. V. led a talented team through 3 critical surgeries on me during the next two weeks. As God would have it, one of my nurses use to attend my home church.  As God would have it, i returned home and in time healed enough to return to work. As God would have it, i have not suffered from any long-term side effects.  As God would have it, i am a living miracle.  He is not finished with me yet... i have a story of wonder and thankfulness, a story to share with others, a story to remember His faithfulness is personal to all!

So, it's been a busy week of remembering for me.  And it's the perfect lead in for our Thanksgiving season. As God would have it, we all have an abundance to be thankful for today and everyday. 

What's your story?  Someone needs to hear it.  Spread the Good News!

friend, we are love and chosen by God,  
Thank Him,

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