Friday, January 15, 2016

It's not what you think

"God is love." 1 John 4:8

 If i heard it once, i heard it a hundred times this week... "Why is a Christmas tree still up in the library?"  Watching Dion stare at the tree, i just knew he was thinking what others had been saying. But when i asked him, "do you know what kind of tree this is?", i was the one surprised. 

Quietly he responded, "a green tree." Prepared (once again) to defend and proclaim our transformed Christmas tree is now a Jan Brett winter snow tree, i was stunned. 

Depending on the season, a tree actually can be decorated and called by many different names -- Christmas, snow, Valentine, President, American, Easter, etc.  But at it's true root, Dion was correct.  It is a green tree and will always be a green tree first no matter what is added to it during different seasons.

How would you describe God? Depending on our circumstances, needs and seasons we call God by many different names --  Protector, Defender, Healer, Savior, Shelter, Rock, Deliverer, Friend, Helper, Comforter, Keeper, Redeemer.  But at the root and core of God, He is first Love. No matter what we need for Him to be for us, His relationship with us will always be built first on a foundation of Love.

Thank You, Father, for loving us first.

friend, we are loved and chosen by God,

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