Wednesday, April 13, 2016

forgotten lines...

"'You are not one of His disciples, are you?'
Peter denied it, saying, 'I am not.'" John 18:25

Practice, practice, practice.  It does not always produce perfection.  During play practice, lines flowed as smooth as honey. But for some the combination of the actual moment, the lights and the audience allowed stage fright to creep in during show time. Easy to understand, don't you think?

Such a time existed for Peter too.  Time after time, he confessed to know Jesus, even claiming he would die for Him. Then the unthinkable happened.  Jesus dragged, flogged and cursed from the garden, and on through town and Pilate's court, produced stage fright for the cast of disciples.  When asked if he knew Him, Peter who had practiced and proclaimed his love and devotion for Jesus, suddenly went silent.  Not once, but three times. I understand.

Father, i too, have experienced such silence and denial for You.  Please forgive me. When faced with difficult challenges, i pray for Your strength to stand by Your Truth.  Help me believe as i live and live as i believe.

friend, we are loved and chosen by God,

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