Monday, January 30, 2017

don't you care??

"Should we accept only good things from the Hand of God and never anything bad?" Job 2:10

Who destroyed my cross?  

Actually, it could have been me, when an unexpected bomb dropped in my life. Feeling betrayed, frustrated and yes, even angry with the turn of events, my emotions ricocheted from hiding to fighting. With looming, unwanted changes on the horizon, I even felt destructive.  

Ironically my dog did too. She gnawed up my holding cross, and then a day later chewed up my devotion book, "God is in the HARD Stuff". I thought, Stella, you know exactly how i feel! So, where is God in the hard stuff? Why isn't He doing something about this?!

The questions swirled. I started to wonder about the strength of my faith.  Was my anger a sign of weakness? Did my questions make me less a child of God? I questioned if being bothered by comments meant to encourage me was an indication i truly didn't trust God in all things.

Satan would love for me to believe that, but i don't.  They are lies.

The truth is i am a believer and lover of God, but i am also still human... one who feels pain, sadness, anger and fear... one in desperate need of my Savior every day.  Yet, when life is calm and going smoothly, i falsely get too comfortable and confident in my own skin. But when a hardship erupts, i am quickly reminded how desperately i need Him every minute.  

Trusting during good times is easy, but in hard times when we can't readily see Him, we must dig deeper and latch firmly on His Promises. God is not only aware of our situation, but is in the midst of it too. He knows what needs to be done to accomplish His purposes.

Father, life is not easy, even as Your child. Give me strength.  Your purpose is not always my plan, but it is always right and what's needed.

Trust in Him at all times... Psalm 62:8

Thank You, Father.

we are loved and chosen by God,

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