Monday, February 18, 2013

do you still have flakes?

"A friend loves at all times..." Proverbs 17:17

School delayed two hours... 
all hope for those dreamy words melted away yesterday along with snow flakes, under a warm, sunny sky.  Yet i am not too bothered because many flakes still surround me.  Flakes, like you.

Several years ago i realized all my true friends are flakes. Like the snowman, flakes help to form and shape us into who we are. Without flakes there would be no snowman.  It takes flakes to make a snowman into what it is, flakes are what hold the snowman together, and flakes stick to the snowman to the very end.  

That's exactly the kind of friends i do and want to have... flakes.  "Flakes" to build me up when i am down, flakes to brighten up my days, and flakes who are hard pressed to stick with me through the difficult time, especially during meltdowns.  So, to all my flakes, thank youThank you for sticking with me through seasons of testing; thank you for encouraging me when i have been discouraged; thank you for dancing with me during times of joy; thank you for your prayers during heart ache; thank you for helping to make me who i am.  Flakes are great!  And you, my friends, are the best! Take time to thank the flakes in your life.

have a wonderful flake-filled day!

You are a part of my life... always.

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