Wednesday, January 8, 2014

the Recycle King

"When they had all had enough to eat, He said to His disciples, 'Gather the pieces that are  left over.  Let nothing be wasted.'"  John 6:12

I knew i was a trashy person, but this truth raised it's ugly head a lot the past few weeks.  During the holidays, waste around my home was the norm, not the exception.  There was excessive food, packaging, and even gifts.  Overflowing trash cans verified this situation existed not just at my home, but  others.  Better decisions could have been made.  Less food prepared or at least shared.  Less boxes used or recycled.  Less presents bought or given away to those in need.  It was embarrassing to see all the waste.  Items which may have brought great value or joy to another -- trashed.


Lord, i want to be a wiser user of the resources before me.  May my attitude and actions this year reflect more of Your Son.  For Jesus is the perfect role model for all areas of our life. Not only did He save us, but He taught us the importance of saving, as well.

have a wise‑filled day!

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