Wednesday, April 2, 2014

forecast: "Son"shine

Jesus said...
"Come follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." Matthew 4:19

It's been a season of seasons.  We've battled monsoons, snow blizzards, high winds, ice and other troublesome weather. My galoshes, raincoat and windbreakers are worn-out.  Just when i'm ready to scream, we get a break.  Sunny days this week are a welcomed sight.


As good as the sun feels, it doesn't compare to the glorious "Son" of God.  Trials and tribulations roll into our lives like dark clouds at any given moment... blindsiding us.  The weather is unpredictable.  But, our God is not.  He is ever present, ever ready, ever able to meet our needs and heal our pains. We might appear poorly dressed on the outside; but as believers, our inner being has all it needs -- God. 

Don't despair in the storms.  God, our Silver Lining, will bring glory out of each situation. If you are facing uncertainties, trust He is working through you. God is working not only for your good, but for the good of those watching Him through you. With God the forecast each day is "Son"shine.  It's a great day for fishing, and it starts with us following Him.

have a Son-filled day!

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