Monday, October 29, 2012


"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Like most red-blooded Americans i enjoy sports and yell my lungs raw for my teams.  Saturday was one of my most crushing days ever.  Not because my teams lost, but because a rival college football team appears to have lost an incredible young man... on the field.  Marcus LattiMORE has always been an opponent for me in high school and college... on the field.  Yet, he is a person i hold in up most respect due to his integrity, honor, values and faith.  He is the person you want your children to watch and desire to be like, no matter what color  jersey you favor.  Great, game-maker players with godly values are a rarity... on the field and off.

One can not help but to ask why.  Why does this happen to such an awesome person who has the opportunity to impress so many people in a positive, faith-filled way?  We live in a world so desperate of LattiMORE's.

We have one choice, to do what undoubtedly LattiMORE will do.  Trust God with His plans. Being a remarkable Running Back is a platform that made LattiMORE a household name. Many will be watching to see how he handles this situation.  Football, at its best, is a passing season in anyone's life; a relationship with Jesus Christ is a touchdown for eternity.  

If i were a betting person, i would bet all i have on the fact that Marcus LattiMORE will continue as a Running Back... A Running Back for our Father as his testimony has others Running Back to our Father.  God wants MORE of LattiMORE, but in a way different from others. His great commission, go and make disciples of all the earth, just took another running start with one of His own, Marcus LattiMORE.  

So, run, LattiMORE, run!  We are all behind you and will be cheering you on every step you make.  I just know God has an extraordinary plan in store for you... on His field.  May others find MORE of God through you.

May what we witness through LattiMORE be the inspiration we all need to conquer the disappointments and failures in our life, as we relinquish our personal desires to His desires... and play on a field with heavenly results.

have a pray-filled day!


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