Friday, November 30, 2012

what's under the wrapper?

"...God does not judge by external appearance..." Galatians 2:6

Janie didn't like the looks of the candy i gave her. The wrapper was slightly discolored and wrinkled with age and the candy bar, no longer a perfect rectangle. Because of it's ugly outward appearance, she threw it away without a second thought.

When in doubt,toss it out... maybe that's a good rule regarding food, but not people.  We often set boundaries or conditions on acceptable terms with people in our lives.   A quick decision on others might come from what we see, hear or smell, as well as, income level, career titles, and other socioeconomic factors.  In judging how others are wrapped, we could be missing out on a sweet and priceless relationship the Father has in store for us.   

Father, help us take the time to get pass the wrapper to what really matters... the heart of the person.

have a Sweet‑filled day!

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