Friday, January 18, 2013

He protects __________ (period)

"God reached down from on high and took hold of ______; He drew ______ out of deep waters.
He rescued ________ from  his/her powerful enemy, from his/her foes, who were too strong for _______.
They confronted ______ in the day of his/her disaster, but the Lord was his/her support.
He brought ______ out into a spacious place;   He rescued ______ because He delighted in ______."

Psalm 18:16-19

Is there someone, who's name you need to put in the above blank?

When physical, emotional or mental illness is present... there is suffering. Some situations develop due to decisions made, others just happen. 
As the week draws to a close, i am reminded how very little control we actually have over others.

TRUST the strength and support for those in need, as well as, the peace of those who love them, is in the Mighty Hands of our Father, the Great Physician.

Where we are incapable, our God IS capable.  
When we are ready to give up, our God IS going strong.

He cares, He can, He will... rest in Him.

have a peace-filled day!


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