Monday, November 18, 2013

that's not my color

"You have put joy in my heart." Psalm 4:7

"I'm representing you and cheering for your team!"

She knew i'd miss being with them when i saw the picture and tagged me with the above comment. I loved what she said, but laughed when i saw the picture. Her words did not lineup with her looks or actions.  Clearly dressed in black, the opponent's color and not in my team's orange, was a give-away she did not completely mean what she said. She told me what i wanted to hear, but her ways appeared to belong to the other side.

Words... do you mean what you say?  There are times we want to gain the favor of another, cover up an error, change an outcome or toss out a laugh and we aren't completely honest. Sometimes it happens in fear or anger and sometimes in love or fun. My sweet cousins knew what to say and do to make me feel included and to bring a smile to my face.

Lord, thank you for the joy of laughter and fun.  Life can be hard, and we definitely can use some light moments.  May we remember the importance and power of our words always, and use them in ways to please You... including healthy laughter.

have a smiling-filled day!

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