Wednesday, November 27, 2013

time to eat

"They all ate and were satisfied..." Mark 6:42

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, and i'm sure most of us will be singing a song of fullness and satisfaction.  A wonderful part of Thanksgiving is no matter where people are -- in homes, schools, churches or other community groups -- tremendous effort accomplishes the task of reaching out and feeding all people.  Food nourishes the body, mind and soul... may we persistently continue to join hands in feeding all in need.

There is another feeding we can easily continue... the feeding of the Word.  It also nourishes the mind, body and soul -- and it definitely satisfies.  The best part is it shows and is past on to others.  His Word has the power to show and shine in our words, actions and thoughts.  

Share His Good Word with all around you and watch the smiles spread.  You will be blessed and they will too!

have a thank-filled day!

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